How to beat a casino slot machines?

Many of these tricks are actual thefts. They usually include tools to manipulate slot machine hardware, mainly the coin dispenser or bill acceptor. In some cases, they had the collaboration of a casino worker who helped shape the slot machine.In others, 바카라사이트 players were merely fortunate. They found a software bug and used it to their advantage.However, the most compelling case is a very recent story (2009-2018), of a Russian boy from Saint Petersburg. He managed to correctly predict the outcome of the spin on certain slot models and used it for his benefit to win millions in casino games—all the world.

Alex, the guy who cracked the PRNG from slots and won millions of dollars

Alex was working as a freelance programmer and hacker when he was hired by a Russian casino to manipulate the RTP (player gain) of some Novomatic's slots.To fulfill the order, he had to learn every detail of the inner workings of these machines.He also discovered PRNGs (Pseudorandom Number Generators), how they work, and use. However, the tipping point came when he found that the machines were using an insecure PRNG algorithm that could be predictable.

It applied a reverse engineering process on some of the most popular slot machines.He developed an algorithm capable of predicting current PRNG parameters and the outcome of future plays, after making a dozen plays on one machine.He developed an iPhone application that used the expected results to warn the player when they had to press the spin button to win.Over the next 6-7 years, he hired dozens of collaborators to make the most of casinos and machines.

 Fake coins and tokens

The first type of scam is straightforward. It includes the use of counterfeit coins or anything else that the machines accept as a form of payment.If you can make something that the machine "interprets" as a coin, you can use it to make money.This technique is very similar to that of counterfeit coins but avoids the need for large-scale production.With a coin tied to a thread, almost everyone could try to scam a casino. Not everyone did, of course, and not everyone who tried did.

Shaved coins

The technology used to assess the validity of the coins was improving, which caused some tricks, such as the use of counterfeit coins, to become obsolete or, at least, much more difficult to implement.

바카라사이트  casino began to incorporate a light sensor to record payments and determine if the coins were genuine.A shaved coin record as a valid form of payment, but it failed the physical comparator analysis used to measure the size of the coins. Therefore, the machine spat out the coin and use it again.


 I mean the old machines that only paid coins directly when a player won a prize.They had a mechanical coin counter that use to count the coins that came out of the machine to pay the exact amount the player had won.In this trick, a hanger (or an object similarly) introduce in the area next to the counter, and that affected its precision.바카라사이트 machine to pay more than was due, which increased profitability for the player in the long term.