Privacy Policy


Privacy and Confidentiality.

Himalayan Chef realizes the significance of securing the customer's personal information. We respect our customer's privacy and pledge to protect their data. The below-explained privacy policy puts forth the conditions on which our web pages work. Your access to the website means that you ultimately accept all the terms. In case of any disagreement, we suggest you should avoid accessing the website. To learn further, read out the complete privacy policy.


The privacy policy of Himalayan Chef thoroughly explains that how we gather, utilize and unveil your information under certain terms and how we protect your data. We understand that the security of one’s private data is a matter of faith and liability. Thus, Himalayan Chef will only use the relevant data needed. We will gather and keep your information as long as the law abides or as long as the desired purpose is fulfilled. If you are just a visitor or explorer, you do not need to provide any information as you will be an anonymous entity. Himalayan Chef would never be able to recognize you until you make an account on the site.

What Do We Collect?

Himalayan Chef may gather the following data:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Details (e.g., Phone No., Email Address)
  • Navigational Data (e.g., Postal Code., Home Address)
  • Other Data (e.g., Offers/Survey Related Data, Interests and Preferences)

Why Do We Collect The Information?

Himalayan Chef needs the information to efficiently fulfill its dealings with customers. Your information helps us provide you with the best shopping experience.

Broadly, we gather the information for the following purposes.

  • To keep the record.
  • To use the data for improving our services
  • To email you about the latest promotions/offers
  • To employ the data for market research uses

Himalayan Chef Privacy Policy covers and explains the following sections.

  • General Browsing Data.
  • Personal Info.
    • Data Collection While Registration & Purchasing.
    • Data Collected Online.
    • Data Collected While Connecting.
  • Use Of Cookies.
  • Data Sharing With Third Parties & Connections.
  • Information Disclosure.
  • Security Of Your Data.
  • Revises In Privacy Policy.
  • Concerns & Queries.

General Browsing Data.

When a visitor visits the website, Himalayan Chef gathers navigational as well as non-personal detectable data including IP Address, Domain Type, Browser Version, etc. This type of info is especially employed to provide our customers with the ideal services and products. Furthermore, Himalayan Chef may save your data occasionally by third-party sources to assist our customers better. However, the information we gather abides by all the national and international laws and regulations. Our data collection is also in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Personal Info.

Himalayan Chef is a notorious online shopping marketplace in Pakistan at which you need to provide certain basic information when placing an order. Our policy explains below the categories of data we collect.

  • Data Collection While Registration & Purchasing.

Himalayan Chef collects the basic data when a customer registers an account or places an order. The data we gather includes the buyer’s name, contact number, email address, home address, postal code, payment, card and bank account particulars.

  • Data Collected Online.

Himalayan Chef collects your data online as well to ensure efficient services. This data helps to provide the customers with the best possible delivery or customer services and to provide you the necessary pieces of information regarding the latest products, schemes, events, offers and promotions.

  • Data Collected While Connecting.

Himalayan Chef also stores the data when you make a contact regarding your queries and concerns. We use this data (Your name, email address, mobile number, etc.) to further inform and inquire you about your order, shipping, issues, or cancellations.

Use Of Cookies.

Cookies are simply the small files that somehow help in statistical analyses regarding website traffic and preferences of customers. Himalayan Chef uses these cookies to perform a statistical evaluation after which these are permanently erased from the system.

Data Sharing With Third Parties & Connections.

Typically, Himalayan Chef does not transfer data to third parties without the customer’s consent, with the exemption of employing it to serve them better. The data may be used by our professional strategic marketing team as an act of improvement in our products, facilities, services and to understand the customer’s online buying behavior. The data shared will comply with national and international laws and regulations. In case of occurrence of any event including bankruptcy, possession, shutting down, default, etc., the gathered data will predictably be transferred to the other organization. Though, if such a thing ever happens, you will be notified by us. Also, keep in mind that Himalayan Chef is not to be blamed for the privacy ethics of third parties and other organizations.

Information Disclosure.

At WBM Mart, we prefer to keep the data confidential as much as possible until and unless it is quite essential for us to share it with some, company, shipping agency, or any other third party. If we need to follow the proceedings of any law enforcement agency, we may transfer the records to comply with the legal obligations.

Security Of Your Data.

Himalayan Chef takes all possible steps to ensure the confidentiality of your data. All the information and communication are encrypted thus can’t be hacked, leaked, or misused. At WBM Mart, we recurrently conduct an audit that particularly addresses security loopholes.

Despite all the efforts, Himalayan Chef still does not completely guarantee you 100 % protection. As per technological advancements, if a hacking attempt goes successful and your data is on verge of being at risk, you will be instantly notified and instructed on how to tackle the situation. Moreover, Himalayan Chef will not be held accountable for any such issue.

Revises In Privacy Policy.

Himalayan Chef has a complete right to amend, change, modify, cancel any clause in the privacy policy without pre-notifying the customer. Thus, we recommend having a gaze occasionally on our terms and policies to keep yourself informed with the recent versions. If any alterations occur in the policy, it will ultimately be pertinent to all our individual or business customers. Moreover, if a considerable change occurs, we shall notify the customers through our selected means. Also, if in any case the customer didn’t get notified, Himalayan Chef will not be accountable for that or any other associated consequences. 

Concerns & Queries.

To explore and enquire more about your data and our information handling ethics, you can always count on WBM Mart. We have a highly professional customer care team that will take care of you and will go out of the way to help you with your concern. Drop your query/clarification regarding any policy at You can also reach us at +92 3000807950.